5 little games worth playing in 2017

What ‘s new in game’s world this year : 5 little games worth playing in 2017

Check out this selection of 5 great little games that are worth a play and won’t break the bank.


Deadbolt is a sort of try and die / shooter 2D game. You play as a sort of noble undead and kill zombies, vampires and other mystical creatures in our contemporary world. The atmosphere is great and the game challenging (especially if you liked Hotline Miami).

Beat Cop

Beat Cop is a 2D point and click adventure game where you’re a cop during the 70’s.  The game is playing on cliches on purpose and is genuinely funny while the storyline is captivating as there are many different outcomes.


Turmoil is a 2D (once again) strategy game where you’ll have to dig oil during the 19th century. Although the story line is almost non-existent, it is a nice little game that can become challenging at time and will require you to make good decisions. Manage time, risks, costs and upgrades to get the most out of the soil.

Old Man’s Journey

I am not sure how to talk about Old Man’s Journey. It is a little 2D game with very little interactions, but the whole thing is simply charming. It seems more designed for kids and for tablets so don’t expect a challenging game, but it is, surely, a well made one.


Ok, Sheltered technically came out last year and I didn’t play the game until recently, but still. In Sheltered, a pixel art, survival game, you have to manage a family that took refuge into a bunker after a nuclear holocaust. All your characters (including your pet) have abilities and different stats and the game will require you to manage your electricity, water, supplies, food, radiation and so on. There are also combats in the wild lands, the ability to recruit new people (but can you afford to feed them?), and a strong crafting component.

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