Gamescom 2017 : Representing Rare & Sea Of Thieves

I had the opportunity to go to Gamescom 2017, in Cologne, Germany, where I’ve been guiding and informing attendants about Sea Of Thieves.

Gamescom is extremely intense, mostly because it is so different from my day to day activities : you stay stand up most of the time, it is a very noisy environment, and you are in permanent contact with visitors and everyday gamer that sometimes don’t speak English. Actually, it’s the exact opposite of my current job!

Although, seeing the first smiles and laugh of non-developers playing the game for the first time is thrilling. The enthusiasm and the excitement in their voices cannot be faked and noticing their first time ever reactions to the game is extremely interesting. When you work a long time on a game you tend to forgot about the first time experience and sometime you end up focusing on things only you can see (or hear, in my case).

I answered countless questions, participated in live streams, took a picture of Angela Merkel with the Sea Of Thieves booth (!!) and globally had a blast, unforgettable experience.

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