Sound design : Portfolio

Sound design

  • Sea Of Thieves (2016)
  • Perfect Dark Zero (2015)
    A creative sound design video over the Perfect Dark Zero intro I did before joining Rare in March 2015.
  • Rare Replay (2015)
    Worked in-house at Microsoft Rare on Rare Replay. I created and integrated all the UI sounds that wrap the 30 games, along with the bonus content (one hour of 5.1 videos).
  • Pure Slots (2014)
    When being at Arooga, I worked on different EGM and had to adapt to a broad range of themes in a short window of time. I also had to create music of all genres to fit with the different atmospheres of the game.
  • This War Of Mine (2013)
    I worked in-house in Poland on the early prototype of This War Of Game. For the game, I created sounds and with placeholder music, but also suggested ideas and mechanisms via the sound design.
  • Anomaly 2 (2013)
    I worked on the portable version of Anomaly 2, making sure the game was keeping audio parity with the PC version.
  • GET JINXED (2014)
    Sound design training over an animation video featuring the unfamous League Of Legends character.
  • Wwise/Audition Demo (2013)
    A technical and creative demo I put together to show my work process in Wwise and Audition, back in 2013.
  • HELLDIVERS (2014)
    I test I did for Arrowhead over the gameplay video of their new Helldivers IP.
  • GAUNTLET (2014)
    I test I did for Arrowhead over the gameplay video of the new Gauntlet remake.

Sound design

My work experience includes all the essential of sound design : from recording the audio assets, editing them, establishing naming, volume and priority charts and finally design specific audio systems (weather systems for example) and make sure those assets are playing nicely in game (via Wwise/Fmod and Unity/UE4 and custom engines).

I have worked in house, in different countries and environments, from indie to first party AAA studios. But also have a good freelance experience on smaller projects.
To know more or get in touch, please use the contact section. But because a picture is worth a thousand words, here are some of the works I accomplished so far.

Sound design 18 October 2015