Whimsical Fantasy, what is it all about ?

Released in September 2008, Whimsical Fantasy embarks you on a long journey filled with surreal fantasy, dreams, and deliriums. It deals with a background story where a character called Nescii will travel from place to place in order to follow its destiny. This album contains 24 original tracks that describe different places and mood into a common universe.

Greetings in this odd universe, ruled by Madness and Ignorance, where a character called Nescii will discover a self-destroying world where everyone is its own trap and its worse enemy. Pacing up and down The Enchanted Grounds, and then Scarecrow Village, a village whose people went down in decay for several years and where the only persons who aren’t so crazy are locked into an asylum overhanging the hill, our protagonist will meet on his road unusual people in a world where everything can happen everytime. But who really knows what is Madness ? In order to keep his way into this Void Factory, he’ll finish by meet one of the main characters of this story, the Boor, representation of a part of everyone in this world. At the origin of this Void, The Boor, always followed by his minions, an alchemist whom devilish plans are boundless, and an overwhelming draughboard, The Thingumabob, carried by four frogs, will show to Nescii the reflect of a world in ruins, living in insanity.

Whimsical Fantasy 15 November 2013